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Red Wine
Tantehue Cabernet Sauvignon  (Chile)                      Glass €4.50    Bottle €17.95
Rich and ripe with lots of black fruit flavours
on the palate. Great length and balance.

Vill Argento Merlot IGT Venezia Giulia  (Italy)                                           €19.95
Harmonious, lightly herbaceous with hints of 
blackberry, raspberry and bilberry.

Malbec Encuentro  (Argentina)                                                                  €19.95
Shows an intense red colour with purple hints and aromas of
blackberries, cherries and ripe plumbs.   Balanced, with soft
and sweet tannins.
White Wine
Tantehue  Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)                             Glass €4.50    Bottle €17.95
Subtle aromas of fresh grapefruit and hints
lime with a clean, refreshing finish.

Villa Argento Pinot Grigio IGT   (Italy)                                                       €19.95
A delicate nose with lively acidity and a well
balanced finish.

Encuentro Chardonnay (Argentina)                                                           €19.95
Pale yellow colour with golden shades and an attractive nose.
Expressive tropical fruits with a prefect combination of 
pineapple, melon, mango and vanilla wit floral hints.
 Rose Wine
Mateus Rose  (Portugal)                                          ½ Bottle  €9.95  Bottle €14.95
Rosy wine, medium and sweet
½ Bottles
Cabernet Sauvignon Doc Friuli Grave  (Italy)                                                 €9.95
Aromas of blackcurrant leaf and berry fruit, followed
on the palate with a touch of spice.
Pinot Grigio Dor Friuli Grave (Italy)                                                                €9.95
A fragrant yet intense bouquet, clean refreshing fruitness
and a full, well-balanced flavour.
¼  Bottles
Terramater Sauvignon Blanc  (Chile)                                                              €5.10
Terramater Cabernet Sauvignon  (Chile)                                                       €5.10